What is IPTV36K subscription service?

IPTV36k is a new IPTV service provider in the market. Yes, we are a new IPTV service provider, but with our experienced team of experts in the world of IPTV streaming, we have proven that we are one of the best IPTV subscription service providers you’ll come across, making our most important objective to make our customers 100 percent satisfied, and for sure doing our best to deliver the best services to our clients, with our special IPTV features.

With our services, you’ll get access to over 10,000 live channels from across the world, including the most popular Sports and News networks. Our packages also include a large VOD library with over 70,000 movies and 10,000 of the most popular TV shows.

These features are included in all of our top IPTV subscription service packages at the most inexpensive and fair pricing available from any other IPTV service provider. We IPTV36K provide trustworthy IPTV services to all areas of the world with the aid of our expert team, who ensures that we give the greatest high-quality video streaming to our valued clients every day, because your pleasure is our main objective.


We provide access to approximately 10,000 television channels. In addition, the number of active TV channels is continually decreasing. Nothing compares to our channels’ ability to stream.


We have around 70,000 movies, including all new releases and the top of the BOX Office. In general, we have the greatest and most popular movies, as well as the highest rated films on IMDB. In addition, our VOD Library has a large selection of about 10,000 TV shows. Currently, you may view all of the newly published TV-series episodes on your smartphone for free


Video buffering is an annoyance, but with our service, you won’t have to bother with it. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that you can watch any video without experiencing any buffering difficulties


We make every effort to provide our valued customers with the highest-quality IPTV subscription service. It’s not easy to keep track of a large number of TV stations and VOD. Whatever the case may be, our streaming server is guaranteed to be up and running 99.99 percent of the time.


The best IPTV subscription service with international channels

It is a well-known truth that just a few of the world’s IPTV subscription service providers offer a global service. Most of these IPTV subscription service providers are significantly pricey, depending on what you anticipate from them, and they also do not give the greatest customer care or client assistance. As a result, the most, if not all, of their consumers are dissatisfied with their services and with IPTV service providers in general.

At IPTV36K, our sole goal is to delight our clients. With our unique IPTV subscription packages, we strive to give you with the finest and most dependable IPTV services at the most inexpensive and low pricing available. You’ll get access to tens of thousands of live TV channels from across the world, as well as our vast VOD library of movies and TV shows. All of this is just for your benefit and enjoyment.


The following are some of the reasons why IPTV36K is the top IPTV subscription service provider :


  • Over 14000 ordinary and premium TV channels will be available to you right away.
  • All of the premium sports channels will be available to you.
  • Over 70000 movies and TV series will be sent to you (VOD).
  • There will be no more astronomically high cable bills.
  • 99 percent of the time, our IPTV service will be available!
  • With no buffering or freezing, you may watch IPTV without interruption (Stable Internet Required).
  • You will always get the most competitive prices on the market
  • You will receive the most specialized customer assistance possible at all times of the day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


You won’t have to worry about security here. We will keep all of your personal information confidential and ensure that it will not be divulged in any way or circumstance.


As you may be aware, we provide over 11,000 channels, including Sports channels, which we recognize as one of the most important reasons why people purchase the finest IPTV subscription. From our service, you may watch any type of sports show, live games, or highlights.


After selecting one of our programs, you will not be required to make any payments. We provide the most user-friendly payment methods available, making it simple and quick to make a purchase

High-definition channels with no buffering :

One of our most significant aspects is the high-quality of our images and streams; at IPTV36K, we endeavor to always provide you with the greatest possible video quality, so that our valued clients do not experience any difficulties when utilizing our top IPTV subscription services. With our bufferless and non-interrupted streams, we are notably ahead of most other IPTV service providers; we also give the smoothest IPTV service in terms of customer care, because the comfort of the customer is the most essential thing to us.

We are aware that we are not the greatest IPTV subscription service provider available, but we are confident that if you pick our services, you will not be dissatisfied. What sets us apart is the quality of our service and our commitment to our customers; we will give you with all of the assistance and guidance you require until you are completely happy with our services.

We have over 11,000 live TV channels, including several well-known premium sports, news, and movie networks from across the world. We are proud of our services and streaming quality, and it is difficult to find another provider that can provide you with what we offer at the same pricing. We are without a doubt the best option for you.